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.Moving Van One Way

Moving Van One Way can instantly connect you to local moving companies in your area and beyond. All we need is your zip code and some basic information about your future relocation. When you pay for your moving service, many companies will not accept personal checks. They will often only accept credit cards if the plan has been pre-approved before your goods are loaded. Otherwise, the moving companies accept money orders, cashier’s checks, or cash. Before you begin moving you might be handed a non-allowable list. This refers to items which are prohibited by the carrier, items which they will not accept responsibility for when moving. These might include things that could contaminate the property of the carrier or of other customers such as chemicals or propane tanks. It might also include items which could damage the article such as furniture too large to fit through doorways. Most of the time, moving companies will not assume liability for perishable items such as collections, food, wine, or plants. However, Moving Van One Way can put you in contact with special movers who can ship such items safely.